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HSD Aggregate Head for CLAMEX-P Lamello

The HSD Research & Development department, together with the technicians from LAMELLO, a leading company supplying technical solutions for assembly of wooden components, are happy to present the new Aggregates Line for LAMELLO CLAMEX P Wood Joining System.



Bevel Gear Sets and Gears: GLEASON helical toothing. The particular case-hardening process and subsequent grinding, terminating in a WC/C tungsten carbide waterproof coating reduces friction and greatly improves the smooth running of the gears.


Cones and Shafts: are made from special high-strength case-hardened and ground steels.


Bearings: the use of high-precision highly-rigid bearings guarantees extremely high rotation speeds.
































Gaskets: the use of gaskets deriving from the automobile industry prevents the entry and accumulation of dust and foreign matter inside the right-angle head. In the oil lubricated versions, they prevent the lubricant from leaking out.


Aluminium bodies: the use of bodies in aluminium with structures machined from solid Ergal sheets on 5-axis work centres guarantees absolute rigidity and precision.


Testing: each individual right angle head is inspected and tested for one continuous working hour on dedicated test benches. The inspection/test report is then supplied on delivery together with the aggregate's technical documentation.


Attention to detail: The production and assembly procedures follow a methodical process flow that complies with the Lean Manufacturing concept (Kaizen Process Manufacturing). The aim is to reduce waste and dedicate maximum attention to production details.


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