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07/12/2010 - Aggregate for "Folding" machining

In line with company philosophy of continuous improvement to its products and production processes, the HSD Research & Development department has designed a new RIGHT ANGLE HEAD for "Folding" type "V" milling of medium to heavy thickness panels (cod. ASP 0112).


Designed to satisfy the increasing needs of our customers, the new "Folding" aggregate reduces the machining times required to produce the "V" channel.






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Increased PRODUCTIVITY thanks to the use of a special milling cutter that allows the "Folding" to be carried out with just one pass of the CNC machine, unlike the blade which requires two passes.


Extreme PRECISION in the machining of the "V" channel and simplification of the folding and assembly operations thanks to the use of milling cutters with precise calibrated cutting angles.


High operational VERSATILITY, thanks to the ability to mount different milling cutters in the same aggregate for roughing and then final finishing.




The overall rigidity of the system is guaranteed by a solid aluminium body in the form of an "L" in which the housings for the tool support shaft bearings have been machined. The stability of the milling cutter is guaranteed by the presence of 2 robust angular bearings on the cutter side and a radial support bearing on the back.


The aggregate is fitted with quick tool replacement mechanism operated by releasing the lock nut and removing the chip deflector supplied with the aggregate.


The use of an oil lubricant combined with the robust architecture allows particularly heavy and continuous workloads to be supported.


The ground WC/C tungsten carbide anti-wear coated gears, the casehardened shafts and the high-precision bearings allow the high tool rotation speeds required for the machining operations described to be reached. 


Photograph of the aggregate with HSK F63 coupling