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Right angle head with counter support for roughing, sculptured finishing and cutting

In line with the company’s philosophy of continuous improvement to its products and production processes, the HSD Research & Development department has designed a RIGHT ANGLE HEAD WITH COUNTER SUPPORT for mounting large tools used for roughing, sculptured finishing and cutting.




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Greater PRODUCTIVITY from CNC machines due to the use of large tools capable of operating at up to 10,080 rpm for deep roughing, finishing and cutting operations.

Maximum RELIABILITY and RIGIDITY of the system is guaranteed by the solid aluminium body machined from a single piece, the oil lubrication and the use of ground CARBON LAFER coated gears.

High machining FLEXIBILITY provided by the option to mount roughing tools, shaped milling cutters for producing different profiles and blade units for multiple cutting, thus avoiding the need for dedicated right angle heads.




The tool change is both quick and easy: simply slacken a screw and remove the support shaft which, even though in two parts, still retains its rigidity and balance characteristics.


The body is machined from Ergal slabs on 5-axis work centres and has a “fork” type structure in which the housings of the tool support shaft bearings are inserted.


The aggregate is oil lubricated with low coefficient of friction sliding seals on the shafts preventing any leaks.


The ground CARBON LAFER coated gears, the casehardened shafts and the high-precision bearings allow the high tool rotation speeds required for the machining operations described to be reached.



A few machining examples in detail





















 Photographs of the aggregate with ISO 30 and HSK F63 couplings