Electrospindles for Robotic Applications

The new Robot catalog: range of electrospindles for industrial robots created in collaboration with an outstanding technological partner, Kuka Italia, whose leading role in technology, innovation and digital skills is recognised worldwide. In the current technological scenario, HSD is facing the challenge of the digital revolution, seizing the advantages and opportunities it can offer: thanks to its partnership with KUKA Italia, the company is supplementing its own specific skills and knowledge with those of its new partners, putting the customer at the heart of everything and reinforcing the value of the solutions it provides. "Robotic application" means work islands - also known as milling islands or robotic cells - formed of man-like industrial robots equipped with an electrospindle and, depending on the specific needs, with a fixed or rotating table (embedded or tilting) where the workpiece is held in place. The aim is to publicise and support the companies that make the robotic cells, showing products that HSD has developed.


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