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MyHSD: HSD's new IIot platform

Just a standard Wi-Fi network is all it takes to enter the IIot world of MyHSD with the
possibility, 24/7, to see information and data in real time relating to the technologies being
used, to optimise the performance and productivity of the devices.
The collected data can be used to analyse how the electrospindles are working,
improve the processes and optimise maintenance through timely notifications and guided
troubleshooting procedures.

The monitoring process enabled by MyHSD doesn’t just avoid faults, it anticipates them.
Predictive maintenance strategies - which take advantage of the innovative e-Core sensor
technology together with algorithms distributed among the platforms and the device - provide
the user with prompt notifications replacements to be made, thereby maximising machine
up-time. The HUB function (HSD patented) allows certain machine tool information
(e.g. process data, statistical values and machining centre status) to be transferred to the
MyHSD platform. This enables the potential of MyHSD to be fully exploited, not only on the
spindle but also on the machine. MyHSD’s PREMIUM package combines a holistic approach
with predictive maintenance, providing operators with a complete overview of the entire system
and, furthermore, ensuring a greater ability for prediction and analysis: this helps reducing the
risk of potential monetary losses.
Within the platform, various algorithms analyse the log data based on the use of the
electrospindle, allowing MyHSD to calculate a wear measurement for each of the individual
electrospindle components.

The MyHSD platform uses AWS, Amazon Web Services, to provide global level
infrastructure and security.