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We are looking forward to participating in the new, interactive and hybrid digital event "LIGNA.IN", where our experts and specialists will present a wide range of solutions via an interactive live-stream.

Be part of our live stream and discuss with our experts – we are looking forward to seeing you!

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Our topics:

-          Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform - 27 September Ligna Forum

A breakthrough innovation involving HSD Electrospindle and machine tool management oriented to Zero Defects Manufacturing. It takes place by using an IIoT application on HSD Electrospindles combined with Cloud remote monitoring by ZDMP: an Intelligent and ‘SME-friendly’ digital Platform powered by Software AG.

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-           HSD Product Applications – 28 September 11.00 am

In this live stream, we will inform you about the wide range of products through the applications and the “voice” of our customers.


-          HSD Electrospindle 4.0 Zero Defects Manufacturing - 29 September 11.00 am

In this live stream, you will get an overview of Electrospindle 4.0. This project focuses on the issue of product efficiency and reliability, which are achieved through a process of extensive digitalisation. Companies present on the market need to be competitive in order to maintain their leadership and ensure continuity and solidity, and that's what we do through the Electro Spindle 4.0 project.Deep dive into surface processing: Solutions for moulding, planing and sanding with the highest precision


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