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HSD Mechatronics starts with the project of manufacturing "Zero Defects"

Pesaro, 16 June 2021 - Following the official announcement by the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli of its appointment as Lighthouse Plant of the Smart Factory Cluster for the super-innovative Zero Defects Manufacturing project, HSD Mechatronics -  presents the Elettrospindle 4.0 project. The interconnected electrospindle represents a challenge in the realisation of a new generation of innovative products, and a prototype zero-defect production line. It is based on collecting and using data from products and production processes to detect defects at any level and thus provide optimal use and project models.

Fabrizio Pierini, HSD Division General Manager, said: "For HSD, the goal of this very valuable project is to create a digitised, interconnected, smart, resilient supply chain focused on quality and time-to-market. This is why the Lighthouse Plant aims to become the first Zero Defects Lighthouse Plant, a centralised control room able to detect defects at any level of construction and operation and provide optimal models. So it is about openness and sharing of know-how, information and data in a win-win logic in which the winners are customers, suppliers, the company and the local system. In so doing we aim to make our small contribution to the entire country system".