From 3,8 - 10 Kw

ES951 - Kw 6,0-S1/7,2-S6 - ISO30 - electric fan - short nose




Power S1/S6 6,0Kw/7,2Kw

Torque S1/S6 9,5Nm/11,5Nm

Automatic Tool Blocking with pneumatic piston
Voltage 380V
Poles 4

Ceramic Bearings
Bearings grease lubrication

Max Speed 24.000rpm

Rated Speed 6.000rpm

Weight 27kg
Electric fan 24V

Digitale or Fieldbus version


OPTIONS ES951 e-core




*Available on Fieldbus version










*Available on Fieldbus version













*Air flow through the shaft tool










*LB 1Vpp or LB TTL