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New Range of CNC Boring Units

HSD is presenting the new Range of Independent Spindle Boring systems for panel machining
The new Range includes a series of technical and functional improvements, designed and implemented with the co-operation of our customers, aimed at satisfying ever increasing production and commercial requirements.









IMPROVED BORING QUALITY: the adoption of the oval liner, which has a larger surface area than the circular liner, increases the thrust in the spindle by 35%, up to 460N, drastically reducing the bounce phenomenon on the panel while increasing boring precision.


GREATER PRODUCTIVITY: the adoption of special Helical Gears and Ground Teeth allows rotation speeds of up to 6000 rpm to be reached, and at the same time improves the silent running of the Boring Unit.


PERFECT INTERCHANGEABILITY between Horizontal Units and Blade Units.


GREATER RIGIDITY: the body is manufactured in CNC machined cast aluminium.


SHORTER SPINDLE ASCENT TIMES: the pneumatic system with its spring return and rapid air discharge reduces the standard spindle ascent time by 1/4.